What We Do


A World of Possibilities
You can’t just think of Creative Hair Solutions as a hair loss studio. It’s also a hair salon. And as such, we have many of the same options as a regular hair salon, only our studio is more specialized to your particular needs.

Styling and Cutting Hair Systems
We clean and recondition all human and synthetic hair systems. We consider everything when helping you choose a style – face shape, lifestyle,daily maintenance and hair type. Our precision cutting is done while the system is on you so we can be accurate with both the fit and cut.

Chemical Processes
° Color and Perms
° Keratin Treatments
° Relaxing Curl

Natural hairpieces can be colored to precisely match your natural shade of hair. Or, if you choose, you can have the color you’ve always wanted, with or without highlights. All done individually, flawlessly and with a finish that’s completely natural. Just about any kind of perm or wave that can be performed on natural hair can also be performed on natural hairpieces. We can consult with you and give you suggestions for a style that will bring out the best in your features.

The Permanent Eyebrow
We now offer paramedical eyebrow makeup also know as “tattooing”. We can enhance a thin brow that is already there or create a whole new brow that isn’t there. This isn’t like any normal tattoo, it’s pain free process makes it worth while.

Eye Brow Waxing and Tinting

Designing New Brows with Selected Products

Scalp Analysis
Using a high magnification camera we will analyze your scalp’s condition.

Scalp Facial
Skin pampering is not only for your face, but for your scalp too. During treatment, the technician will clean, exfoliate, tone and massage your scalp. A heated cap is applied to help oils penetrate the scalp. Built up of dirt and oil is eliminated and increased hair growth can then begin.

Hospital and House Calls