Mary, Butler, PA

  "Pat, the owner of the salon, was the first person I had contact with. She was very pleasant and helpful. She explained what was available for me. I have been coming for a number of years and all the girls are very professional and pleasant. It has been such a pleasure to find a solution to my hair loss problems. You begin to realize that hair loss is a problem for many women but there is help!"     

D.S., McCandless, PA

  "For years, I was self-conscious of my thinning eyebrows. I would use pencils and brow powder, but nothing it seemed had the staying power for the entire day. I never knew how they would look at the end of the day. I even wore bangs for years to cover my thin brows. One day in the salon over a haircut and highlight, I mentioned my eyebrow woes to my hair stylist, Kristine Hunkele from Creative Hair Solutions. Kristine told me that she is certified to perform eyebrow tattooing – and would I be interested. YES! I was, and in a week after our conversation, I had the procedure done. Now, I have full beautiful eyebrows."  

Karen D.

  "I’m overjoyed with the outcome of my new hair and am so thankful that I found Creative Hair Solutions." 

Sarah B.

  “I was devastated by my hair loss during chemotherapy. Creative Hair Solutions boosted my self-esteem which gave me the emotional encouragement I needed.” 


  “I always had thin, lifeless hair that just got thinner as I aged. I never thought anything could be done about it. Then I met Pat and for the past 9 years, I have enjoyed a full head of hair! Creative Hair Solutions helped me choose the perfect hair piece. Thank you!” 

Linda M., Butler

  "Pat, the owner of the salon was very pleasant and helpful.  I have been coming for several years and all of the girls are very professional and pleasant.  

   It has been such a pleasure to find a solution to my hair loss problem.  You begin to realize that hair loss is a problem for many women but there is hope!"


Susan B, Cranberry Twp

   "I purchased my first hair enhancement piece two years ago due to my alopecia. Pat was amazing helping me choose the right one specific for my needs and then matched it perfectly to my naturally curly hair and color. Even though it can be costly, it is worth every penny. It was an investment in myself. It gave me back my confidence and made me feel pretty again. And two years later, it still looks as beautiful as it did the day I picked it up. I was so pleased that I just came back for a second hair piece just so I can start changing up my look. Coming to Creative Hair Solutions was one of the best things I've ever done for myself!"

Maryann - "A Happy Client"

"Just wanted to let you know how thankful I am for All you do for me.  Wherever I go, people compliment my beautiful hair!  In reality when I am home and alone without my wig on, I do feel sad and do not want anyone to see me.  But, the wonderful moment I put my wig on - my spirit is lifted and I feel so beautiful and young too!  So, know that you are truly with me every day and I sincerely say thank you!"

Diane B.-M.

"As a cancer patient the worst part of the treatment is the hair loss.  Thanks to Christine and Creative Hair Solutions I have the most natural looking wig.  People compliment me all the time on how good my hair looks!  They are surprised to find out it is a synthetic hair wig.  My nurses comment that it is one of best they have seen.  When you look good you feel better!  Thank you for helping me through this difficult time! "